Suuren suosion saavuttanut meri- sekä järvikalastusviehe lohelle ja taimenelle.

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Rhino vetopelti  156mm/41g salmon Doctor Crystal Frog

Rhino vetopelti 156mm/41g salmon Doctor Crystal Frog

Sopii erinomaisesti petokaloille ja etenkin merilohen ja järvilohen kalastukseen.

An unusually heavy trolling spoon with a somewhat thicker blade and a fascinating, unconventional action. This is explained by the fact that the Salmon Doctor is mounted with the wide area of the spoon facing the swivel while the narrow end faces the hook. The action is fundamentally different from that of other standard trolling spoons, making it successful when the fish have simply seen other models far too often. With its additional weight, the Salmon Doctor is also outstandingly suited to long lining or on planer boards.

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